Cabra Castle, Co. Cavan

Shauna & Luke

On the day it’s simple – just us and our cameras, fuss-free and unobtrusive, leaving you guys free to enjoy your day with your family and friends. The best compliment is when couples tell us they forgot we were there!

After the day we will meticulously edit and craft your films with heart and soul. You’ll get a short 3-6min film – we’ve nicknamed this ‘the tear-jerker’! Beautifully edited, capturing a little of everything in a few gorgeous minutes. perfect for sharing on social media… and watching every day! The feature film is the ‘blow your socks off’ main event – an exquisite cinematic film covering the whole day! You’ll also get a full documentary of the whole service, and the speeches in full!

Frequently Asked Questions


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Will there be lots of posing?

Most of the day is covered with us 'behind the scenes' and you just get on with enjoying the day. So no... not lots of posing! We just ask for around 30mins with you both to capture some amazing images of you together.

How long will you be there on the day?

We've gone with our hearts on this one. We want to photograph and film everything - so we'll be there bright and early for the getting ready and stay until you're all dancing!

How will the film be presented?

You'll receive your films on USB and we'll upload online versions.

Who chooses the music for the film?

As we construct your film in post-production we'll know what music suits the mood and emotion that was captured on the day. Having said that, let us know your music shortlist and preferences as this helps know you better.